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January 11, 2019 1 min read

Every January, we hear "new year, new you" everywhere we turn. As if there is some need to completely overhaul our lives every single year. But we're willing to bet that there's quite a few things that you've built into your life that you're perfectly happy with. So building an entirely "new you" isn't necessary at all...rather, why don't we all focus on simply being our very best because there's always goals to achieve or some area of life that we can level up. 

For many of us ladies, one of those areas that we'd like to "up level" is our health and fitness. Taking care of ourselves often takes a backseat to taking care of those around us. Here at Makaila James, we're big into fitness, but we still need some extra motivation from time to time to get out there and crush those goals. Favorite motivation? Cute workout gear

Maybe cute workout gear won't make those squats any easier, but IS just a little more motivating. One of our favorite athleisure finds this season are our moto leggings. The Fast Lane and the Finish Line styles have both been fast customer favorites, selling out several times already. They're thick for no show-through and a slimming ribbed design that hugs all your curves just right. 

So if you've got goals to crush your fitness routines this year, or maybe you just love the comfort of activewear as you're handling #momlife, snag some cute athleisure. Your motivation will thank you!

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